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Why Are America’s Socialists — and Democrats and Journalists — Always So Angry?

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Bernie Sanders is mad. He fulminates about the abundance of consumer choices, such as “23 underarm spray deodorants” and “18 different pairs of sneakers.” He rails against credit card companies because he thinks their interest rates are too high. He thunders over the prices Americans pay for prescription drugs.

The Democratic senator from Vermont, who is truly a socialist, having campaigned for a Marxist group in the 1980s, is perpetually upset with the way private banks conduct their business, and forever enraged at corporations for making profits. When he speaks, he comes off as that bitter man who shakes his fist at those darned neighborhood kids. There’s a reason Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and others have called Sanders the “crazy uncle in the attic.” He’s mad because everyone won’t do as he says.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is another angry democratic socialist. She rages when her sophomoric Green New Deal is questioned. She was incensed when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he was going to let the Senate vote on her legislation. She’s annoyed that cauliflower is grown in urban gardens, apparently because it’s a “colonial” vegetable. Columnist Peggy Noonan said Ocasio-Cortez was “sullen, teenage and at a loss” during President Trump’s State of the Union address. Her very manner is that of someone who is mad at the world and is always just seconds away from lashing out.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren carries anger around with her like a purse — it’s always there within easy reach. She’s “mad as hell at the influence of money in Washington, D.C.,” and is equally venomous toward Wall Street. Other things that make her furious: Congress’ reluctance to “refinance student loan interest rates” (whatever they are); “billions of dollars” in private sector profits; billionaires in general; the minimum wage.

The anger and negativity on the left isn’t gushing forth from only these three scolds. They’re just the most visible. As a party, today’s Democrats, which include nearly all members of the media, are constantly frothing about something. Taxes aren’t high enough, a good part of the country doesn’t wish to join their health care collective, so many Americans want to exercise their First and Second Amendment rights. The political left is unhappy that there are natural differences in incomes and in wealth, that people of faith dare practice their faith, that school administrations sometimes allow conservatives to set up tables on university campuses and hand out written material, and that the working class resists its demands to conform.

Democrats and their traveling comrades are enraged that Israel exists as a nation, snarl about “white privilege” and “whiteness” every time they see a microphone or an open reporter’s notepad, and curse that Trump is president. They’re indignant that the rest of us don’t want to behave and think exactly as they tell us we must.

Nor is the outrage new. In 2008, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman thought Hillary Rodham Clinton was too “angry” to win that year’s election.And to hear Republicans tell it,” The Associated Press reported, “Clinton is just one of many Democrats with an anger management problem. Former Vice President Al Gore is angry. So is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. The party is held hostage by the angry left.’ “

Four years earlier, Howard Dean shrieked like a madman after losing the Iowa caucuses.

The Left’s anger and seething resentment of the achievements of Western civilization is puzzling, especially when it’s directed toward America, and American institutions and traditions. To borrow the words of President Reagan in his first Inaugural address, no other nation has “achieved so much.” We have “prospered as no other people on Earth.” “Freedom and the dignity of the individual,” said the 40th president, “have been more available and assured here than in any other place on Earth.”

Is this country perfect? Of course not. It has flaws. There are things to be angry about. But they’re not the ones the Democratic-socialist-left-wing mob routinely has tantrums over.

— Written by J. Frank Bullitt

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  • “Why Are America’s Socialists — and Democrats and Journalists — Always So Angry?” The Dems/Left feel entitled to the total power required to implement their objectives – and because they have been thwarted, they are having a temper tantrum…

  • “Why Are America’s Socialists — and Democrats and Journalists — Always So Angry?”
    Because they operate on nothing but emotion.
    The Left (America’s Socialists — and Democrats and Journalists) has devolved from the premise “I think therefor I am” to the conceit “I believe therefor it’s true”.
    Easily excitable and immune to both fact and logic, it is no wonder that ‘the Narrative’ lives rent-free in their minds.

    • “I believe;therefore, it is true.” Bingo!
      All that was missing is a Latin translation.

  • I have asked the same question for 19 years. “Why are liberals always angry about something?”

  • The reason they’re all angry and full of hatred requires but a one-word answer–God–they loathe the source of all goodness and truth.

  • The entire premise of Marxism is anger against those in charge of the money. Without anger, there is no Marxism.

  • It is simple! They are mad because their policies do not work when applied to normal human beings.

  • When you know deep down that you are a lying hypocrite, your guilt tends to surface in behaviors of self loathing and lashing out at your betters.

  • Liberals are very different from Conservatives. Conservatives mostly want to live and let live (with obvious exceptions). Liberals exist to coerce others to do their bidding, and get very angry when “others” won’t toe the line. I always find it interesting that Libs are forever point out “problems”, but mostly do nothing constructive to fix those alleged problems. The position seems to be “I have done my job by highlighting this as an issue. It is now up to my minions to fix it to my satisfaction”. When the “minions” ignore the command, it seems to cause a short circuit.

  • “They promise to be good masters, but they promise to be masters.” — Daniel Webster

    The Leftists desire above all things is to “command & control” life in these United States, because they know best for you, and when they are not permitted, it manifests in frustration and anger.

  • Its far easier to manufacture outrage than a cogent original thought

  • They are always angry because they envision some Utopian perfection that can never be achieved. They therefore are doomed to always be disappointed and perpetually pissed off.

  • You’ve got the question backwards. It should be “why are angry people so often Socialists, Democrats and Journalists. And the answer is psychological and derives from developmental traumas.

  • Railing about prescription drug prices, I can understand. Big pharma has ripped of Americans for decades. The reason people have 18 pairs of sneakers, is because the globalists have succeeded in offshoring everything for cheap labor. Remember when Nike was paying more to Michael Jordan to promote their product than what they annually paid the thousands of Taiwanese to make it?
    However, I challenge the notion that any of the people you name are socialists. No self-respecting socialist would be in favor of open borders or off-shoring jobs, which is what the people to whom you refer, are quite comfortable with. These people aren’t socialists, they are globalists, just like the RINOs.
    By the way, one of the real socialists who was a contemporary of Marx, referred to him as “the tapeworm in socialism.”

  • Leftism is basically a New Age religion, and its adherents are going to behave like it. Blasphemers will be dealt with accordingly.

  • You have to be at least 5 cents or more short of a dime to believe in socialism and its related ilk. Along with being mentally unbalanced, along comes other mental and emotional problems, such as anger, lack of emotiional control and lashing out. AOC is an example. When she published her “green new deal,” one of its statements said that we should pay those who are not willing to work. When this was criticized, she changed the green new deal to omit this statement and then claim that those who claim she said it were liars. This reflects on her as someone who is mentally ill and emotionally immature. A perfect Democrat. The old time liberals were not like this and that’s why I don’t conflate liberal with leftist.

  • American Socialists, Democrats and Journalists stand for nothing.
    They have nothing positive or beneficial to offer the American people.

    They have no immutable guiding principles they must tear down the good, true and beautiful.

    This leaves them defenseless in the arena of ideas.
    They cannot engage intellectually as conservatives do.

    They must engage emotionally.

    Read the Leftists pundits leading up to the 2016 election and continuing through today.
    They all tear down the president.

    They feel they must overturn the 2016 election.

    Yet, as I mentioned, they have nothing to offer.
    Destruction, as in the politics of personal destruction is the only avenue open to them.

  • Anger is part of the overall plan of the PC Left to control the narrative and assume the role of arbiter of what is considered acceptable topics for discourse. The typical response by the Intersectional Left at anything that fails to comport with established dogma is to be immediately and profoundly offended. Anger is the flip side of that same coin. I’m angry/I’m offended. Yada yada yada Who cares? You and all your “oppressed” friends live better lives than did medieval kings. If you really want to make a difference, go to the Middle East and fight for women’s or gay rights over there.

  • It’s often said….one way to know when one side is losing an argument on the merits, is when they turn up the volume. Liberals simply cannot argue any issue on the merits–not immigration, not economics, not trade, not abortion. The only thing left is the tantrum.

  • Albert Einstein was a socialist. Do you truly think he was an angry man?

  • “Democrats and their traveling comrades are enraged that Israel exists as a nation, snarl about “white privilege” and “whiteness” every time they see a microphone or an open reporter’s notepad, and curse that Trump is president. They’re indignant that the rest of us don’t want to behave and think exactly as they tell us we must.”
    OK, I thought I was reading something sincere but this paragraph is grossly misleading and inflammatory at best. I don’t know any democrats, and I know many, who have a problem with Israel existing as a nation.
    Throw your garbage carp opinions out if you’re going to make ridiculous generalizations.

  • Who wrote this ironically angry editorial? Nothing like trying to sling mud and end up getting it all over yourself instead. Take a chill pill already!

  • This story is dripping with irony.
    By the way, with all of the malfeasance and criminality going on in Washington DC, if you’re not angry, then you’re not paying attention.

  • Wait, are you not angry about the objectively higher prices we pay for prescription drugs in the US?

  • As an addictions counselor I was taught to encourage patients to acknowledge and examine their emotions. Anger was a special one. In the case of anger, when the time was right we were to seek what was behind the anger. Anger was not a primary emotion, there was always another emotion. Usually it was fear, but jealousy was also pretty common. I would suggest that Leftists are angry because they are afraid that they are wrong, and wish that people who disagree with them were not right so often.

  • Capitalism mainly benefits the customer and should be called Customerism. No one is forced to buy from or work for anyone – all transactions are voluntary. The customer freely chooses to enter any transaction and does so for his/her benefit. If the capitalist doesn’t serve the customer he/she will fail. It is truly “Power to the People”. It incentivizes work, innovation and progress. It decentralizes wealth and therefore power. It has raised more people out of poverty than any other system in human history. It has done more to improve the quality of life for everyone on the planet than any other system in human history. Ask yourself – would you rather live in China under Mao or in China today now that it has accepted private property and markets?
    Fascism/Socialism/Marxism is “Power to the State”. It incentivizes centralization of control. While the private sector is rewarded for efficiently satisfying customers, the public sector is rewarded by loyalty to superiors and amassing and centralizing power. Public sector bureaucrats are in fact punished for efficiency and problem solving – they lose funding and therefore status and power. Every page, every sentence, every word of legislation and regulation is fertilizer that enables public sector bureaucrats to grow the bureaucracy and the power of the state. It has given us Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Maduro, the Kim family etc. etc. etc.

    From Chinese economist Zhang Weiying:
    “We human beings always seek happiness. Now there are two ways. You make yourself happy by making other people unhappy – I call that the logic of robbery. The other way, you make yourself happy by making other people happy – that’s the logic of the market.” Which way do you prefer?

  • Why Are America’s Socialists — and Democrats and Journalists — Always So Angry?
    They are just doing what Alinsky told them to do.

  • They hate America and are mad it hasn’t collapsed yet. They will double down once back in power so we can all enjoy the Great Leap Forward fundamental transformation…into a Zimbabwe/Cuba/Venezuela hybrid golden utopian paradise.

  • Why are they angry? You may as well ask why a snake bites or a scorpion stings. It’s their nature. The nature of the bully is to bully. They have a superiority complex, and if only you knuckle dragging morons would listen, and obey, then they wouldn’t have to be so angry. Liz Warren never fails to remind me of the nasty librarian who shushes you even if you cough, or your chair squeaks.

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