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Some headlines that caught our eye today.

Amid All the Slings & Arrows, I’ve Been Right About Fed Policy  — Stephen Moore, The Hill

There’s no turning back’: Venezuela’s Guaido remains defiant after failed attempt to recruit military — CNBC

Ilhan Omar: Blame America For Venezuela’s Devastation — Hot Air

No, Bill Barr Didn’t Lie or Mislead — National Review

Maddow, Lies & Videotape of Barr — Fox News

Hillary to China: get us Trump’s tax returns — Politico

Biden: China “not competition for us” — Fox News

CNN to host James Comey town hall on 2-year anniversary of Trump firing him — The Hill

Nellie Ohr’s ‘Hi Honey’ emails to DOJ about Russia collusion should alarm us all — The Hill

Maine is first state to ban single-use plastic-foam containers — Fox News

Google sit-in: Workers protest alleged company retaliation after walkout — CNET

Former Soviet bloc countries buck EU centralization — Reuters


John Merline

Veteran journalist John Merline was Deputy Editor of Commentary and Opinion at Investor's Business Daily. Before IBD, he launched and edited the Opinion section of AOL News, and was a member of the editorial board of USA Today, where he continues to be a regular contributor. He’s been published in the Washington Post, National Review, Detroit News, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Forbes, and numerous other publications. He is regular commentator on the One America News Network and on local talk radio. He got his start in journalism under the tutelage of M. Stanton Evans.

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